Unknown Map of Words of Laughter
A meaning of a word can expand infinitely, but we are often forget its possibility. In order to find out how a single word can expand, the word 'laughter' and its pronouns and proverbs was analysed then visualized as in a form of a map. On the vertical axis character of laughter (positive to negative) was plotted where on the horizontal axis the sound of laughter (in decibel from 0-140db) was plotted. In a form of an ancient map of the western world, the words of laughter from various countries were represented as mountains and rivers. In addition, when discovering a word for laughter a flag was placed on a appropriate location. This world may not exist, but the moment we call it out, it will be our frontier.


Graphic Design, Information Design

World Scripts Symposia KR

Collected by
National Museum of Korea e-Museum

Oct. 2014 Hankook Ilbo (Exclusive)
Dec. 2014 Monthly Design